Erosion and Corrosion Protection

Erosion and corrosion can be extremely detrimental to operations. Not only can it cause production to fall sharply, but it can make costs spent on workovers and replacement tubulars rise steeply. In the case study below, an operator approached ZEROCOR to look for a solution for their erosion and corrosion problems when they experienced repeated rod replacements and pump failures. Not only that, but they had spent over $150,000 on workover costs in just a six-month period with no true successes.

When examining the tubulars, we noted major damage caused by erosion and corrosion. This would have been a worsening problem for the operator had they not approached ZEROCOR. Luckily, after installing ZEro100, the operator noticed numerous successful results, mainly that after installing ZEro100 in 2019, they had no interventions. Additionally, the operator experienced increased production rate due to ZEro100’s lower friction coefficient rate. To read in full how ZEro100 helped save this operation and make it thrive, click the button below.