Scaling and Waxing Prevention

Scaling and waxing can become a continuous thorn in the side of operations. Once you have experienced major blockages in production, you may end up running knives or using inhibitors on a weekly basis. This can quickly become very expensive, and yield minimal results. We understand how frustrating this can be, and that’s why we wanted to develop a product that would also meet the needs of our clients facing the problems of scaling and waxing. As we believe in proactivity, we kept in mind that we wanted to offer a solution that would be preventative, not only a surface-level “solution.”

If scaling and waxing are preventing your wells from operating at their best capacity, ZCor100 is your solution. In the case study linked below, by installing ZCor100 into wells facing severe waxing and scaling issues, this major operator in the Montney formation was able to reduce their OPEX by 85%, and save on the $30,000 a month costs they were spending on workovers. Additionally, with ZCor100, you get the benefit of a solution for corrosion if that becomes a problem down the road. Click the button below to download the case study and read more about how ZCor100 allowed this operator to not only normalize but improve their operations.