In the Business of Betterment

ZEROCOR’s commercial product line offers coated completions tubing for down-hole production use in oil and gas wells for enhanced performance against corrosion and wear. We have been serving clients in Western Canada with our corrosion- and wear-solutions since 2007 and continue to help cost-conscious operators looking for sustainable, cost-effective solutions for their completions.

With the rise of ESG awareness in the industry, ZEROCOR has been researching and exploring how our products can help companies operate more sustainably in terms of the environment, human capital, financial performance, and more.

Continuous Improvement

Our mission is to provide you with reliable and cost-effective solutions to your problems. We develop products proven to provide outstanding results and continue to see how we can improve further.


With our origins, it isn’t surprising that we strive to be problem-solvers. We are proactive in business, offering a range of products that allows us to be flexible and accurate in pinpointing what you need.


Whether discussing the products or the service we provide, the ZEROCOR team goes above and beyond to ensure that you are getting a high-quality experience to go along with high-quality products.