ZCor100 is a coated production tubing purposed for highly corrosive environments. It is a ceramic epoxy blend that is designed to provide corrosion protection for injection wells, floods, WAG, CO2 and H2S.

Compared to typical epoxies, ZCor100 offers superior corrosion resistance, impact resistance, adhesion and friction reduction.

With over 10 successful years of field use in the oil and gas industry, ZCor100 offers a reliable and cost-effective solution to maintain the longevity in your wells productivity.

Dependable Operations

ZCor100 is durable, reliable, and versatile. When faced with compounding problems, you can count on ZCor100 to keep your operations running smoothly and successfully.

Corrosion Protection

If you see damaged tubing as a result of corrosion, consider switching. Replacing it with ZCor100 lets you continue your operations with peace of mind.

Our Coating is Unique

ZCor100 performs excellently in a variety of scientific tests, and is well-suited for protecting against corrosion, erosion, wax build-up, and scale deposits.

Features and Benefits


– Ceramic epoxy coating

– Resistance against corrosion

– Low fluid permeability

– High impact resistance

– Low surface friction coefficient

– Withstands multiple wire-line runs

– Temperature range up to 204°C

– Proprietary thread coating technology