Flint-Coat is a high-temperature resin embedded with flint shards to create an extremely rough and hard surface for the OD of casing. It significantly enhances cement bond to casing as well as acting as a corrosion barrier. Flint-Coat is resistant to CO2, brine, and H2S, prevents gas migration, and provides cathodic protection.

Due to its hardiness, Flint-Coat can be used as production casing through unconsolidated zones, in corrosive environments, and as a coated tubing between injection intervals.



Features & Benefits

Improves bond between cement and casing

Chemically inert

Resistant to CO2, brine, and H2S

Resistant to abrasion and damage

Significantly improves cement bond through unconsolidated formations

High retention with wet cement

Provides cathodic protection

Highly temperature resistant

Can be deployed selectively in casing string

In the video above, Flint-Coat was installed in a rig. After being pulled out, we can see that despite some expected superficial marks, the Flint-Coat requires no touch-ups or replacements.

Communication and loss as a result of faulty tubing is preventable. By using Flint-Coat, you get reinforced, tough tubing that is durable enough to prevent and mitigate communication and loss issues.