Cost Reduction in Workovers

When an operation needs continuous workovers, you know you have a problem and need a better solution. When an operator in the Montney foundation area was having to continuously conduct workovers, totaling to around $10,000 per 10 days on dewaxing treatments (including running knives, pumping diesel, and flushing with chemicals to control pressure and production rates), they thought there must be a better way. Luckily, they were right, and it turned out to be ZEROCOR.

Not only did installing ZCor100 help this operator reduce their costs spent on workovers, but it also helped with their overall production efficiency. After the installation, the operators noticed that they were able to reduce downtime exponentially, reduce their workover costs, not use any knives or scrapers for dewaxing, and they reduced their chemical remediation costs significantly. To read more, click the button below to view the case study.