ZEro100 is a proprietary thermal fusion bonded coating that increases service life of tubing in abrasion/wear environments.

Our ZEro100 coated tubing accepts full API drift after the coating applied. With a temperature rating of 160°C , this tubing will suit the majority of wellbore conditions. The extremely low friction coefficient extends tubing and sucker rod lifespan which gives you more uptime. ZEro100 also acts as a corrosion barrier.

ZEro100 can be used in rod pumping wells, deviated wellbores, slant wellbores, horizontal wells through the build section, and as a tail joint for sand abrasion. 

Tested and Proven

In a test conducted by the Alberta Research Council, a team tested the wear volume loss between a ZEro100 coated sample and carbon steel. They found that ZEro100 exhibited a wear resistance that was more than two times better than carbon steel.

Operation Longevity

ZEro100 is the prime tubing for your erosion-based concerns. Tough and rough, ZEro100 stands out as one of the best choices around for the longevity of your operations.

Features and Benefits


– Increases service life of bare steel by a factor of three

– Lab-tested and field-proven

– Low friction coefficient that reduces over time

– Tough and flexible coating that moves with the pipe

– Excellent anti-erosion characteristics

– Temperature rating of 160°C

– Over 10 years of proven field operations