Protection in Evaporator Blowdown

For operators with SAGD wells, the environments in which these wells operate in can be extremely harsh. Operators can experience a strange mix of frustrations, struggling with both scale build-up and deposits as well as erosion and corrosion. For one of the SAGD operators in the Fort McMurray area, they approached ZEROCOR looking for a tubing protective solution for their disposal wells against these highly erosive-corrosive environments. They didn’t only want to target the erosion and corrosion that their disposal wells were facing, but also the issue of scale deposits.

After installing ZCor100, their story is an incredible success. Their most active well, which has been operating since 2010, contains ZCor100 and is continuing to go strong. When they experienced zero failures after 10 years of the same ZCor100 tubing being in operation, they noted that it looked brand-new after pulling it out. As for their other wells which now use ZCor100, those have continued to maintain tubing protection for 5 years and counting. These are not all of the successes, so to read more and see the full picture of what ZCor100 can do for you, read more in the case study below.