ZEROCOR’s leadership team is always looking toward the future and thinking of how to improve, innovate, and grow. As industry professionals, they make sure that clients receive quality services and care when doing business with ZEROCOR.

Greg Boser

Mr. Boser is one of the two founders of ZEROCOR Tubulars. Mr. Boser has been with ZEROCOR for 13 years, since its inception. Before helping to start ZEROCOR, Mr. Boser was very active in the oil and gas industry, with 14 years of Sales experience with Protechnics and 2 years in Marketing with Ziebel. After seeing that the tubulars on the market were not as great as they could be, Mr. Boser joined with Mr. Cusson to start ZEROCOR and provide clients with top of the line products.

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Randy Cusson

Mr. Cusson is one of the two founders of ZEROCOR Tubulars. As a co-founder, Mr. Cusson has been with ZEROCOR for 13 years. Mr. Cusson has an extensive history in the oil and gas industry. Prior to ZEROCOR, he spent 1.5 years at Nowsco, 2 years at Fracmaster, 14 years at Firemaster, and 14 years at KEY Safety Services. After gaining knowledge and experience, Mr. Cusson helped found ZEROCOR Tubulars and grow it from an idea to a robust company.

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