zCor 100 Tubing


zEro 100 Tubing


Flint Coat


HDPE Additive


zCor 100 - Tubing

This product is used for protection against corrosion in chemically volatile oil and gas production scenarios. It is a fusion bonded phenolic powder coating that has been laboratory-tested in conjunction with DuPont. The coated tubing is suitable for production wells that feature injection, floods, WAG, carbon dioxide (CO2), hydrogen sulfide (H2S), brine, and can also withstand multiple wire-line runs. Operable at high pressures (<40 MPa) and high temperature (<150 C) and has successfully passed a full-length inspection with an API drift, holiday test, and coating thickness inspection (DFT). The product has been operating for over eight years in fields.

zEro 100 - Tubing

This zirconium fusion-bonded epoxy powder coating demonstrates a reduction in friction coefficient over time, has excellent anti-corrosion characteristics, and a temperature rating of 160 degrees Celsius. It is laboratory tested in accordance to ARC Test No. 2448002, and has held its own as a reliable product in a 400+ well study over 2.5 years within the Shengli Oilfield and 6 years of operations.

Bond-Coat's Flint-Coat Bonding

This is an epoxy coating that features millions of jagged rock particles designed to enhance the adhesion of cement to well-casing. It exhibits high retention with wet cement and resistance to both corrosion and bottom hole temperatures.

PA-100 Polymer Additive

Zerocor offers a carbon-based polymer additive to enhance properties like tensile strength, stiffness, thermal conductivity, UV protection, gas barrier, and nucleation. It can be used in polyethylene, polypropylene, and nylon to benefit products and reduce carbon footprint as the material is comprised of up to 30% adsorpbed carbon dioxide and boosts efficiency of production and material consumption. This is product was accomplished through the novel CO2 sequestration process created by Carbon Upcycling Technologies.