Carbon Upcycling Techologies Inc. (CUT) is a Canadian clean-tech startup based out of Calgary, Canada that is working on sequestering CO2 gas in a solid form while creating high quality graphite and graphene nanoparticles.



The company aims to change the mentality of CO2 from waste to commodity. No different from oil or gold, carbon dioxide is a form matter where scientific innovation is the key to unlocking its true potential. The nanoparticle production technology being developed by Carbon Upcycling Technologies serves as a prime example of how CO2 holds unexplored markets and opportunities for the future.



CUT was initially formed in response to the CCEMC Grand Challenge in June 2013, where the Canadian government picked out the most promising clean technologies from around the world to help reduce CO2 emissions in the country. The company has taken its technology from a 2 gram batch process with unclear implications and successfully scaled it 4 times while also revealing applications in; polymers, concrete, asphalt, coatings, solar PV cells, drug delivery, membrane technology, and air filtration.



Apoorv Sinha (CEO)

Luke Carson (R&D)