Problems to Solutions


Zerocor is a technological research and development company with an impervious passion for innovation and entrepreneurialism. Conceived in one of the world’s most significant energy industries, Zerocor’s network and environment provides significant opportunities for commercializing new technologies in the spaces of oil and gas, renewable energy, manufacturing, material sciences, and construction. The company's central focus is to seek out industry problems and solve them by incubating innovative research from private and academic institutions, as well as individuals, from all around the world.


By utilizing their extensive network of academic professionals, industry leaders, and governmental bodies, the company acts as a catalytic link that progresses lean, efficient, and effective commercialization pathways. At Zerocor, success is defined by change, and change is defined by implementing solutions.

Our Team


Greg Boser (Strategy)


Greg started his career in the service sector of the Alberta oil and gas industry in 1977. His business experience includes 10 years with Core Lab as well as the start-up, and eventual sale, of Analog Tracer Services. Greg's career has taken him throughout North America and helped him understand the benefits of quality products and their integral role in producing long-term economic growth. As a founder and active team member in Zerocor since 2007, he has brought substantial value and will continue to provide his expertise in the firm’s dealings with various academic and industrial partners.

Luke Carson (Research):


Luke Carson holds a B.Sc. in Geology from the University of Calgary and carries a strong passion for entrepreneurialism, business, and the sciences. In a short time, he has proven a valuable team member by facilitating key engagements with potential clients and offering a broad and capable skill set which has allowed him to ensure the progress of multiple aspects of Zerocor’s business and research development. Despite a lack of formal experience, Luke has been instrumental to some of the team’s most promising business ventures.

Maria Curtis (Strategy)


Maria joined the Zerocor team in August 2016 to take on the role as Office and Logistics Coordinator. She comes with several years of administration experience in the areas of communication, sales, marketing and finance for small to large companies in the oil and gas services sector as well as the retail industry.

Randy Cusson (Strategy):


Randy’s career began in 1976 within the Alberta oil patch service sector where he has been a successful entrepreneur as evidenced by the creation of the start-up safety company, KEY Safety Services, which he sold in 2006. Adding to his qualifications is his experience with Caliber protection where he has helped coordinate and manage the services involving oilfield safety and security issues. Randy is another founder of Zerocor and has contributed substantially through his skills in sales and marketing along with his ability to shape the firm’s strategy towards approaching new markets for the sale and development of products.

Apoorv Sinha (Research):


Apoorv holds a B Sc. in Chemical Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology (2010) and manages technical progress, business development, engagements with academic/industrial partners, scale up, and commercialization of the firm’s technology. Using lean principles and adhering to the philosophy of open innovation, Apoorv takes an understated leadership role in Zerocor through unyielding work ethic and adequacy. Apoorv is also a member of the Energy Futures Lab, a cohort of Albertans serving as a think-tank for policy trajectories to plot Alberta’s transition to a low-carbon, sustainable energy future. Recently, Apoorv was included in Alberta Oil’s “35 Under 35 list” in July 2016.

What Matters to Zerocor


Zerocor strives to maintain a reputation that cultivates cooperation and functional business. Respect for confidentiality and intellectual property is of utmost importance to insure that all engagements are mutual beneficial and that focus is centralized on effective product development instead of conflict of interest.

The company also upholds a distinguishable commitment to sustainability. Zerocor recognizes and supports the social movement of environmental synergy which is evidenced by their novel carbon capture and utilization technology. The future of industry practices is green, and so is the future of innovation.



Through the entrepreneurial motive of Randy Cusson and Greg Boser, Zerocor Tubulars Inc. was started in 2007 upon the commercialization of novel coating products that prevented chemical and physical wear of steel production tubing. Over the years, the innovative spirit of Zerocor has compelled the company to maintain focus on the development of new products by investing revenue into the research and development of novel technologies that solve known issues within technology-driven industries. Recently rebranded Zerocor Technologies Inc., the company recognizes its ability and passion for innovation and aspires to seek new opportunities to collaborate with like-minded individuals and organizations.